STEVIE WONDER appreciation by Ser Franklin

(painting by Richard Day).

Blessed with a huge vocal range and a beautiful vocal tone, a cunning sense of lyricism in his writing skills, and a very unique and recognizable stage presence, Stevie Wonder is the perfect male vocalist in my opinion. He can sing about everything and anything, and it always sounds believable and genuine. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a funky uptempo such as the bouncy “You haven’t done nothing“, a slow tearjerker like “All in love is fair“, or a reggae-ish classic like “Master blaster“, his delivery is always on point. He can sing about unrequited love just as convincing as he can about social issues. Simply one of the best artists of the century. Listen below to my selections of favorites from Stevie Wonder’s catalogue.

listen to Stevie Wonder's TOP 10 by Ser Franklin