REVIEW: “Crowded places” by BANKS

After such masterpieces titled “Goddes” and “The Altar”, Banks is back again with her stunning soft vocals to mesmerize us. You might probably find yourself tearing up listening to this song, which gives you such beautiful anxiety, of the ups and down that a relationship can bring, of the insecurities, the regrets, like the ones of someone choosing fame over love, and afterward having to face the fact that such choice has led them to lose the loved one.

I have personally been a big Banks fan ever since I’ve heard “Brain”, from her “Goddess” days, and i would also recommend to anyone who’s new with this great artist to start getting to know her from “Goddess” first (which has a closer sound to this track, therefore more approachable to new ears) and then move on to “The altar”, a more experimental project, but in no way less good nor interesting. 

Listen to “Crowded places” by Banks below.