NINA SIMONE appreciation by Ser Franklin

(painting by Khairzul).

Every now and then, on the music scene, happens to appear an artist so versatile that you can barely categorize in any specific music genre, because they happen to excel in each and any one of them. Well, the so called “High priestess of music” Nina Simone happens to be one of those rare artists, with her immediately distinguishable vocal timbre and excellent piano skills, she stood out from all the rest up to a point where she should be in a category all of her own. In the selection i’ve picked, i’ve tried to highlight all of her multifaceted, outstanding and diverse efforts Nina Simone has shared with us throughout her long and critically acclaimed career. From slow tearjerkers like the opening and closing numbers “The other woman” and “End of the line“, to jazzy uptempo numbers like “Love me or leave me“, to sexy world music inspired numbers such as “See-line woman“, all the way to straight up blues like “Do i move you?“, and everything in between, all that she touched was gold, and she sure did, and still does, move us to the core.