ELLA FITZGERALD appreciation by Ser Franklin

(painting by Eugenia Estrela).

The one and only “First lady of song”, Ella Fitzgerald is an institution. She is the reason why even the word “swing” was invented for, her angelic voice continues mesmerizing us with her perfect timing, impeccable diction, stunning vocal tone and impressive range. Ella Fitzgerald’s strength was arguably in her unmatched swinging and scatting skills, but she was equally capable to emote and move us in her many torch ballads, here represented by the timeless “Angel eyes” in this intimate piano accompaniment, or by the elegant “Lush life“. She also had a few rare intrusions in more “popular” sounds, just like in the sweet sounding “We three (my echo, my shadow and me)” or in her more aggressive version of “Sunshine of your love” by Cream, she takes through a journey like few other artists can.