ARETHA FRANKLIN appreciation by Ser Franklin

(painting by by Stephen Holland).

In my opinion, just like for many others, Aretha Franklin is the greatest singer of all time. She has inspired countless other artists more than anyone else, from Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, from Beyoncè to Christina Aguilera, her influence is all there. She can sing everything, from the slow poignant ballads to the most rhythm driven of uptempos, Aretha Franklin always delivers. Her incredible fierce vocal skills, her intuitively skilled piano playing, her stage presence, her attitude, everything screams DIVA, and a diva she is. I was personally always amazed by this incredible lady. Many say she is hard to handle, but i say “if i was her, i would be too”. She has contributed so much to the music industry, that if she wants to be capricious every once in a while, so be it. Aretha Franklin is music, she will always be the greatest one there ever was, the one and only “Queen of soul“! Halleluja

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